Papon Talks about His Inspiration


Long curly hair, a voice that sounds like velvet dipped in chocolate and a sense of humour that can get even the sternest face to crack a smile. That’s how most people think of Papon.

Boarn into a family where music was a way of life – his parents Aechana and Khagen Mahanta are respected classical singer of Assam – Angarag Mahanta spent  his childhood learning his way around ragas and su. But it wasn’t untill his move to the Capital that music presented itself as a career option.
Swerving through genres, Papon’s music refuses to be tied down. It’s a curious mixture of the traditional and new-age electro, ragas and synths, classical and modern
Want to know how Papon’s  inspiration… here you go
Jagjit Singh for his production and sophisticated yet traditional melody.
Kishor Kumar for his versatility, spontaneity and natural way of singing.
RD Barman and Hemant Kumar for changing many things around in how music is perceived in India.
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan for never being stuck by boundaries, styles and rules.
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