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Kashmir bears witness to the fourth collaboration of this season, where Shantanu Moitra and Papon create a song inspired by Tagore’s poem, ‘O Megh’ — a tribute to a child’s imagination and his dilemma at leaving his mother behind while he’s tempted to go and play with clouds and waves.

In Kashmir, they meet local poets who introduced them to local traditions via Bhand Pather’s performance. As our Dewarists jam together,The Poem takes them back to the memories of the time they spend with their parents, back home.


Royechhi tomari chhayay chhere to jabo na tomay tumi-e tobhorechho amay tumi chhara, jabo kothay
Aha…aayega woh pal…aha…lehrein baadal…aha…sab honge kal
Chalenge jo, hum tum donon
Tum se hi hai, mera pata duniya ho tum, o meri Maa

(Hindi option for the Poem above)

O megh, kano chole jaao chokher opaare kothao jodi thomke dnarao amio jaai, amake naao
O dheu, kano boye jaao durer sheemana chharao jodi thomke dnarao amio jaai, amake naao
Peechhe magar chhutega ghar chulha jalaati jo Maa hai meri
Takey jo raah thaki nigaah
Kaise main chhod ke jaaun kahin
Agar tum hi saagar ban ke behti zaraa agar tum mein samaa jaata yeh aasmaa
Bijlee pe chal ke choonta baadal lehron ko see ke boonta aanchal
Tanha jaaun main kahaan jo tum ho to hai dariya tum hi se bane aasmaa jo tum ho to hai jahaan

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