5 Reasons To Watch Anuradha – Assamese Film 2015

Beautiful poems, excellent cinematography, heart touching story, Anuradha is one of the finest films with all its simplicity strikes a chord with the mass.

About the Film
Directed by Rakesh Sharma Anuradha is one of the most talked about Assamese films. Starring Meghranjani and Diganta Hazarika in the lead roles. The film is being produced by Luit Kumar Barman under the banner of ML Entertainment and Cine Dream Unlimited. We’ve been hearing a lot about ‘woman-centric’ films in Hindi cinema lately. Anuradha is an another addition in the same category to Assamese film Industry.

The Story
The story begins with Anuradha (Meghranjani) who is abandoned by her husband (Diganta Hazarika) to lead an unexpected solitary life. The film showcases distinctive inward clashes in different female characters in a male ruled Indian culture. This film periodically goes into flashbacks that show the different female mythological characters of Indian culture like Kunti, Shakuntala, Chitangada, Supornakha and analyze their significance to the basic present day women.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Anuradha

1. The Story, Dialog and Locations


Anuradha has some beautiful poems and some heart touching dialogs. One we still remember is Prirhibik Shadhin Korar Namot Nijei Poradhin Holu… The dialog delivery by the characters was satisfactory. The film location selection was also nice and justifiable to the story.

2. Boi Jua by Papon


It has the excellent cinematography. Papon will definitely memorize you by the track Boi Jua. It also smoothly describes the loneliness of the title character Anuradha. Watch and download this amazing video of Boi Jua.

3. Diganta Hazarika and Pranami Bora


Diganta was good with his character. His entry was superb wearing the white shirt. Pranami did an excellent job with her role within the time whatever she got. They featured in a music video which already become very much popular among viewers. You can watch that video – Eserenga Puhor (Zubeen)

4. Joy Kashyap and Meghrajani


The entry scene of Joy Kashyap is one which looks very creative. The wildlife photographer who came to Anuradha’s village to explore the forest there in the village. Meghranjani is playing the title character and she justifies her character in most part of the film.

5. The Team and The Film Overall


The team Anurahda is comprise of a bunch of intelligent, energetic and creative people. For most of them Anuradha is their first project. The debut team includes the Female lead Meghranjani, Music director Geet Priyam, Cinematographer Suruj Deka, Make-up artist Minashree Hazarika and the director Rakesh Sharma.

The Final Verdict

The film has some scenes like gunshot, blast, car accident. All the scenes were minimal in terms of technicality. Its simple but not dull. Again coming to the intimate scenes they could be more creative in terms of editing, but still its convincing. Again last conversation scene between Diganta and Pranami where Diganta should say more that the words ” I have to go.. u understand?”

Anurahda is worth watching. It’s releasing this Friday almost across all theaters. You can definitely invest your time and money on it.

This is only a personal analysis, based on the special screening of New Delhi International Film Festival held in December 2014 - With inputs from Meghranjani (not the actress) and Manjit.
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  1. Good that the author of this article strikes positive notes about the movie. But
    a) The points mentioned here are not definitely incredible.
    b) The writer or the editor should brush their English vocab & grammar.

    “Anuradha” is a movie where people are expecting (?) more than necessary and that is one reason why there should be no hype about the film- and only honest criticism.


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