Stroke in life (Aachor) – Assamese short film about a young boy who was forced to quit his education.

In a village far away in Assam, a boy named Gakul lived with his family. His father was a very lazy many and did not allow Gakul to study and wants him to sit at his shop. Because of which Gakul’s education suffers. One day his father meets with an accident. Now will Gakul be able to fulfil

Cast & Crew:
Director: Jyotish Kumar Nath
Music / Sound: Rideep Das
Editor: Pragjyotish Bhuyan
Cinematographer: Phul Kumar Sivam
Actors: Piyushkanti,Ashim Kumar Nath,Tarulata Nath,Tuleswar Nath,PrabinKumar Nath

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