Directed | Edited | Screenplay – Vikramjeet Singh I Mukesh Tiwari
Director of Photography – Joydeep Paul I Joy Roy
Cast : Durgashri Bora Vikramjeet Singh, Abhishek Jain, Swati Jain
Message at the end : Vishal Singh I Ashok Sharma
CC I Background Score : Mukesh Tiwari I Sandeep Tiwari
Story by : Vikramjeet Singh

Being a hero is not just about saving the world, sometimes it is about winning a heart, bringing happiness in someone’s life, creating a ray of hope in a deserted soul. Departing the world with an act of random kindness which will restore hope in a troubled soul, which will allow a chance for a life to flourish, and re-establish faith in a defeated belief, may not brand us a hero in the eyes of the world but will earn us a place in someone’s heart, an act none less than heroic.

If we are being judged with kind of finish we can attach to our story, then there cannot be a better climax than the one which ends with the inception of hope.It depends on our choice to attain peace at the time of our death, by letting our organs burn on a pyre or by letting it run like hope in someone else.

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