12 Things Guwahatians Are Desperately Waiting For

So folks, Here are the list of 13 Things that guwahatians are desperately waiting for a long time. Based on popular opinion and harsh realities, GPLUS- weekly newspaper from Guwahati has arranged a list for you to spread the word and maybe things can start to look up for us.

Photographs of this content are credited to GPLUS Facebook page.

1. Metro

2. McDonald’s! Yes, After KFC its time for McD

3. CNG Vehicles

4. Movie Theatre for Only Assamese Movies

5. An Appl Store

6. Hard Rock Cafe – Cool Place to Hangout with Food and Music

7. Heineken

8. Flea Market – Like Sarojini Nagar market Delhi

9. An English News(!) Channel

10. Dabbawala and Tiffin Service

11. A Night Life

12. A Good Politician

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