Animated Short film on Rhino by IMAGE Guwahati Students

Students of image Animation and Graphic Center, Guwahati made an awesome short film on Rhino of Assam. This short film is published on YouTube by 1takemedia, a leading Short Movie publisher in India.

The story is about poaching, the illegal rhino horn trade. Assam in the north-east India was once home to all the three species of Asian Rhinos. They inhabited most of the floodplain of the Indo-gangetic and Brahmaputra riverine traits and the neighboring foothills. Human settlement and habitat destruction foreros and hunting. However due to the killing of almost all the rhinos by the start of the 20th century.

Students Behind the Creation

Kuljyoti Sonowal
Himanshu Deka
Parikshit Dutta
Rupjyoti Deka
Raktim Bhagawati
Trazita Daimari

Categories: Amazing North-EastMagical Assam Special
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