Actor Utpal Das Wedding Photographs : Part 2

actor utpal das wife

Wedding photographs of the young, dashing, dynamic actor of Assamese Film Industry Utpal Das. After your tremendous response of previous photographs now we have added some more rare pictures to our collection. In case you missed the first part here you go : wedding photographs of actor Utpal Das

utpal das
wedding picture
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utpal das
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Wedding Photographs Part 1


    • I am an assamese, live in Guwahati city. From lst 3 yrs i am not there, siaytng outside. I miss my nice city, its natural beauty i heard that now Guwahti is changing, living style, new generation everythign is diff. now. hope i can visit soon to my born place.

      • Nalage bhonti Tumi aru ghuri aahibo, tatei thaka atiya amar hunor guwahati khon hun hoi thoka nai aru Bangladeshi re bhortti hol. Etiya Gu-Haati hol aru

  1. Since a long time i am a fan of yours and moonmi baa i really enjoyed each and evry sngs in which you both stared and till today i feel that when you and moonmi baa are together you both look tooo good and are my favourites forever any way wish u a Happy Married life

  2. Hellllllllloooooo…..!!!!!!!! im the biggest nd swetst fan of ur my cute utpal bro u know what i love ur attitudue,i love ur experesion nd i love u lot………..

  3. nice couple utpal bro… i m the biggest fan of ur.. i hp u wll gt evry

    happiness in ur married life


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