Jeevan Kite Festival 2013 : The Dazzling Event of Guwahati

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The 2013 Edition of “Jeevan Kite Festival ” is going to be held at the Brahmaputra River Side, Below Sonaram Field. The event has organized by Jeevan Initiative, a voluntary associate.

The extended schedule the festival is like below!

Kite Festival: Open kite flying & contest by public, celebrities & record holders; Kite camp.
Music Video, Animation & Short Film Festival (India’s first); with TV anchoring camp.
Cultural Festival: Nonstop cultural performances by leading troupes, bands, artists.
Arts & Crafts Festival; with handloom-handicrafts Exhibitions; Sand art; Art camp
Social Games Festival; with creative talent contests.

Ethnic Food Festival.

Festival Dates
1, 2 & 3rd March 2013
Friday: 3-10pm, Saturday-Sunday: 9am-10am
Venue: Sonaram Field, Guwahati, Brahmaputra Riverbank
Event Type : Public

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