Shyamantika and Nayan Nilim at Bongaigaon and Nalbari for Bihu Celebration

The Bihu Queen Shyamontika and the actor of Nayan Nilim were in Bongaigaon and Nalbari for the Bihu Celebration with Vodafone Bihu. In this post, we are sharing some photographs of their event.

That was the year 2013! See some recent images of Shyamontika at various Bihu events of Assam. She was temporarily out of showbiz because of her marriage. And she is back after 5 years. She still looks as stunning as she was during her initial days in the industry. Now she is doing regular TV serials and music videos. You can watch her recent music videos here: Shyamontika Sharma Bihu Videos

Her recent appearance in Bihu Events

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