Papon at MTV Coke Studio – The Journey So Far

Angaraag Papon Mahanta is the sole producer at the Coke Studio in MTV Season 3 lineup who’s called as a composer as well as a singer. However, whoever has heard his The Story So Far or even Tokari in the last episode of last season would have no doubt about the Assamese strength’s abilities as a composer. And also the teasers guaranteed a folk-rich incident, so there was much enthusiasm leading up to the one.

Baisara Beera 

Staying true to his origins, Papon kicks-off the incident picking up an amazing Assamese Holi geet and fusing it with an equally amazing folk slice from the other end of the country, Rajasthan at a broadly desh raag-stripped mélange. The rich structure too sees a wonderful blend of western and folk Sugana Ram’s ravanahatha, harmonium stud Akhlak Warsi, Aslam and Hanif Dafrani’s dholaks all effortlessly melding together with Kalyan Baruah along with Deepak Saikia’s guitars along with Tanmay Ray’s drums along with other activities.


Papon’s sonorous rendition of this fine-tune rules supreme from the pop-based Khumaar, also as Kalyan Baruah along with Jeenti Dutta give a breezy guitar-led template to proceed along with him. This shehnai out of Omkar Madhukar Dhumal at the next half is really a Wonderful touch.


This one finds African American and Latino elements united within an addictive bundle, with a few Assamese people thrown in for good measure. Once more the guitars are employed, especially near the end, would be the African American rhythms as well as the accordion from Sameer Chiplunkar. On the front, the chorus comprising of Shannon Donald, Crystal Sequeira along with Gwen Dias is placed, and the eccentric noises out of Papon & co. from the interludes contribute nicely to the African-ness of this tune. Oddly enough it’s the lead singing by Benny Dayal that’s found wanting one of this, in contrast.

Dinae Dinae

More Assamese folk at Papon’s voice, now with the guy strumming along about the tokari also. At the first half which is. At the latter half a tune requires a surprise however eloquent twist towards Punjabi folk, and in regards, Harshdeep Kaur singing exactly what she does best. The tune subsequently heads to some crescendo-esque end with the two listeners blending their fashions.


  1. Comment:papon…. i m big big bigggeesssst fan of urs .. i love u a lot yaarr… i m really gone mad for u …
    u r my idol…

    i also want to be a singer .. but not as good as u…
    u r the best…..

    just want to meet u once…..

  2. Comment:papon da i lv u….aji tv saw tut apunar ktha bur huni bahut bahut vl lagil….bahutr kisuman vul dharana dur hob…

  3. hai papon da iam ikram i am a big big biggggg big
    freand mur usorot lage je aye assamot jodi apunar sobot ke dangor freand jodi asu moi
    i love you papon da


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