The Salsa Dance from Durjan – Eti Pal Jibonor

New comer Moupran Sarma’s most awaited movie “Durjan” has been cleared the censor test and now ready to release across the state on 25th October 2013. Since the shooting time this movie got very much popularity for various reasons. The film is based on corruption and how it effects in one’s social as well as personal life. Dr Gunin Basumatari has produced the film and he also plays the title character in the movie. Utpal Das and “Momtaz” fame new comer Ananya Parashar are playing the lead role in the movie.

So, Why they say that the movie is different from others??..what we find that
  • The film features a Salsa Dance which is for the first time in Assamese Movie choreographed by Deepak Dey!! 
  • There is a “Holi” song which became very much popular on YouTube.
  • The role of Utpal Das is slightly different from the others he has done till date.
  • A New Talent in the female lead role, Ananya Parashar.

Holi Ahil Buli 


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