Revelation of a TV Queen – Rashsmi Desai – A day in my life

A day in life of Rashami Desai …in her own words..

Appreciating or criticizing a TV Artist while watching  TV at home is very easy for all, but nobody feels the nerve wrecking hard work the artist invests or the amount of things we compensates from our life for the fame and for the motto to entertain you all! 
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“She is my favourite” or “I do not like him”  or “I can’t stand her” is just so easy for any one, but every single reigning TV artist works for more than 25 days in a month and more than 15 hours in a day, juggling between difficulties to maintain the REAL and REEL life.

Today I am blogging about a typical day from my life being an Actor / Artist / Performer from the Indian Television fraternity!

Like anyone I feel 24 hours are just less…Early to bed and early to rise doesn’t work for me most times. Fighting with every minute from morning 5 a.m. shoot to late night pack up, from stuffing in some breakfast to grabbing five minutes to talk to my loved ones in between shots. Everything just seems so lost in the hectic back to back shoot schedules and not to forget the social obligations that come along with the profession. 
Shots after shots, retakes, location change, taking care of make-up, costumes and its fitting dilemmas, my performance, that’s all that is going on in my day..

hot rashami desai
A day starts with the hectic morning shooting schedule, so many things running down on my mind, to be on time, meetings, learning dialogues, rehearsing scenes to perform my best, hair make-up and costume – everything has to be perfect, not much time for personal life while being perfect in professional life, and late night pack ups etc. I sit calm but there is a rage of things going on within me. In between shots and changes, I answer calls, messages and co-ordinate enquires with my team for events, shoot schedules, performances, rehearsal times and personal commitments.

So much that I sometimes skip my meals and my team threatens to feed me till I almost faint. Of course, what could ruin a perfectly good day is the politics and the gossip on the set. “Is ne ye bola, usne vo joke maara, isne ye maanga.. etc” and all that trash can sometimes just take over my creative space. In middle of all of this REAL life drama that goes on on the set, I have to stay calm and composed, because as I step out of my vanity, I have gazzilion people looking at me and judging me for being RASHAMI DESAI. And the cherry on the cake – there is media to cover every action of mine. On set, so many people walk up to me to tell me so many new things some to motivate and some otherwise but I smile. I smile as I take in what I want to and let go what I don’t need to take too seriously.
hot rashami desai

I often feel like going home and dream of long hours of sound sleep but as the next day schedule comes in hand, all dreams of sound sleep shatter. 

But, this is not all I do in a day, with the shooting schedule I also manage my social connect with my fans and well wishers through social networking sites, public appearances, diet schedule, exercise routine and and and most importantly managing to squeeze some time with family and friends..

The true trick lies in the ability to switch in and switch off between the REAL and REEL life…  

Courtesy : Rashami’s itimes blog


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