Aaideu Talkies : A New kind of Mobile Theater for Assamese Film Industry


Now you can enjoy new Assamese Movies anywhere anytime via “Aaideu Talkies”, its now just a Call away.
Founded in 20th August “Aaideu Talkies” is a new kind of Mobile Theatre to promote Assamese Films across the State. Aaideu Talkies started its operation by the film “Momtaj” from 17th to 20th November. In its starting show from Mongoldoi Aaideu, Talkies has entertained more than 12000 viewers.

The Mission and Vision of Aaideu Talkies are as follows
1. To bring closer Assamese Films for Audience.
2. To create a Market for Assamese Films.
3. To Recuse Assamese Film Industry from its present state
4. To Encourage Assamese Filmmakers.
5. To Reduce the lacking of Film Theatres.

To invite Aaideu Talkies to your Town and Village Call at



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