Diganta–Aaimi–Tehshin–Vaishali in Photos : Guwahati Juice Festival

Organized by Jeevan Initiative “Guwahati Juice Festival” was one of the unique kinds of festival held in Guwahati last August 2013. In this post we are sharing some photographs of that awesome juicy festival of Juice.  Main theme of that festival was to
• Taste of more than 25 varieties of Juices 
• Juice Drinking Contest 
• Juice Demonstration 
• Juice Tasting & Juicy Adda 
• Celebrity Theme Red Carpet Walk 
• Ethnic Food 
• Cultural Programmes

In Photographs Diganta Hazarika, Aaimi Baruah, Tehshin Akhtar, Vaishali Saikia and others

diganta-tehshin akhtar-tehsin-vaishali

diganta-tehsin-tehshin-diganta hazarika-aaimi

actress tehshin

aaimi baruah, vaishali saikia, tehshin akhtar
actress aaimi, tehsin, tehshin

vaishali saikia

hot vaishali saikia

aaimi baruah

Photographs Courtesy : Vaishali Saikia


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