An Assamese Actress’ Film Nominated for Oscar : Ballad of Rustom


Directed by Ajita Suchitra film “Ballad of Rustom” which features Assam actress Urmila Mahanta, has been shortlisted for the Best Picture category at the Academy Awards 2014.

Urmila plays a supporting role in this film. The story of this film is based on Rustom who works in a small government office in the countryside. Life for Rustom is wandering from place to place in the small town, spending time with Kapil who works on the suburban trains, living with the eccentricities of his boss, and being magically transported into his imaginary other world in the far reaches of this beautiful and lonely countryside which maybe undergoing a quiet upheaval that may disturb it’s dark and mysterious worlds forever.

In the film, Urmila plays one of the girls whom Rustom meets on a train during his life as a wanderer.

Graduated from FTII, Pune, Urmila Mahanta was born in Sonapur, Assam.She is the first Assamese girl to be nominated for the SIIMA award.“I got the news yesterday. I am so happy,” said Urmila. She is currently busy on shooting of an Assamese Film.

Urmila acted in the film while she was studying at FTII. “One of our seniors requested me and my friends to help Veera by playing supporting roles. That was how we became a part of the film. The director wanted us to give some more time to the film but I was too busy then,” Urmila said to The Telegraph.

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