Directed by Munin Baruah “Dinabandhu” is one of the master piece creations of the Assamese Film Industry.  The absolute performer Tapan Das has played the title role in this film. The other leading role includes Arun Nath, Prastuti Parasahr, Gayetri Mahanta Nishita Goswami and Zubeen Garg.

The protagonist is a typical middle class person who thinks his earnings are worth spending to buy happiness for his family .His earnings are limited as he wants to stick to the rightful path and without succumbing to corrupted means . He wants to please everybody , including those who never knows how and how much he earns .He celebrates his own wedding almost grandly going out of his ways . Difficulty started coming when his wife falls sick and he cannot opt for better treatment for her ; hence she passes away . Dinabandhu takes private tuitions to make the both ends meet .

The time for marriage of his daughters came . Once again he goes beyond his capacity to fulfil the wish of the in-laws of his elder daughter . When the time of his second daughter comes he just cannot make out how he will manage . He writes a story describing his situation from the on-start of his life how his elder daughter’s and his own wedding celebrations have destroyed the foundation of his life . He indirectly suggests younger daughter Bani to elope with her fiancé to save his face , and of the guilt of not being able to celebrate her wedding .

The story of Dinabandhu based on one famous short story ‘Zowtuk’ ( dowry) by Dr Bhabendra nath Saikia .


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