Tora (তৰা) is an Assamese language children’s film directed by Jahnu Barua and produced by the Children’s Film Society, India. The film was released in 2004 and it received the Best Children’s Film award in the 51st National Film Awards for the year 2003.

Jahnu Barua, the director of Tora, dedicated his film on August 19, 2004 to the children killed in the 2004 Dhemaji bombing carried out by ULFA militants on Independence Day.

The film centred around two neighboring families in a village in Assam. The two families share a very amicable relation. Tora, the protagonist is a seven year old girl with her parents Purna (father) and Jonaki (mother). Naba and Daba are two brothers of the other family with their ailing bedridden mother. One day a dispute arises over a piece of land. Whilst the adults quarrel, Tora’s voice is the only significant factor that can resolve the matter.


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