Maati the folk factor, is an Assamese Music Album by Zublee Baruah. Here are the two famous songs from the album for your collection. Press the download button and don’t forget to share.

Mahadeva, one of the best song from Zublee’s new Folk Fusion album “MAATI – The Folk Factor” composed by Zublee Baruah. Programmed by Dipkesh Borgohain and Additional Programming by Dony Hazarika. Lyrics by Manash Mahanta. Its been choreographed by the noted choreographer of Assam Pankaj Ingti and edited by Moni Rajkonwar at Studio Gyanam. This song beautifully describes the charismatic effect of Marijuana (The Bhang, Prasad of Lord Shiva).

Maah Karei – Maati


Maah Karei – folk from lower Assam fused with Zublee’s own composition with a touch of Goan Folk from her new album “MAATI – The Folk Factor”. The song is beautifully programmed by Dony Hazarika and lyrics by Rajdweep. Stokes played by Tapas Roy from Mumbai.

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