Munmi and Kopil Staring Nipon Dhalua’s next “Morisika”


Nipon Dhalua, earlier he directed the film “Me and My Sister” and this time he is back with his next venture titled as “Morisika”. Like his first film this film has also a strong social message, but it also contains all the entertainment elements as like the latest film trend that has been set by the films like “Raag”, “Hiya Diba Kaak” and “Jilmil Jonak”.

Produced under NBDK Production, Morisika has Kopil Bora and Munmi Kalita in the lead role.

Moriska will show how a rich boy comes in a small village and works for its development. So it’s clear.. Kopil Bora, the rich boy.. Munmi the innocent, beautiful village girl.. The meet.. Fall in love.. Parallel to this Kopil does some heropanti in the village…

Apart from Kopil and Munmi there are Nipon Goswami, Minu Baniya, Indra Baniya, Taufique Rahman, Madhurima Goswami, Arun Hazarika and Trishna.
Child Artists : Disan Dholua, Pooja Bejbaruah and Katrin Dhalua

Music Directors : Kalyan Baruah and Bappi
Cinematography : Prithviraj Dutta

Watch Sizzling Munmi in Xoru Xoru – Music Video of Morisika



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