Akou Edin – Portrays Patient with Amnesia who Writes Diary to Remember Girlfriend


In the Bollywood blockbuster Ghajini, filmstar Aamir Khan, portraying a patient with amnesia, had written phone numbers on his body to remember them. Assamese actor Akashdeep will now be seen remembering his girlfriend by writing about her in a diary.

Akashdeep portrays an amnesic on the stage of bhramyoman (mobile theatre) major, Hengul Theatre, this season.

Akou Edin, in which the actor enacts the role, is the first mobile theatre production portraying a person who has lost his memory.

The play has been penned by upcoming playwright Rajdweep who has already earned a name as a lyricist with popular songs like Pokhi pokhi mon mor, Bixakto suma and Kino jadu aaji to his credit.

Sankalpajit Hazarika will be directing the play and its music is byNilotpal Bora.

“Imagine the situation when a boy who suffers from amnesia falls in love. How will he remember his beloved and how will the girl react when she comes to know about his disorder? In the play, Raktim, a youth who suffers from the disorder, starts every day afresh. He falls in love with Pahi, writes about her in a diary in a frantic effort to remember her, thus exploring a heart-touching love story for the audience,” Rajdweep said.

“When we talk about amnesia, Amir Khan starrer Ghajini comes to mind instantly. There are Hollywood movies like Momento, Winter Slippers and The Lookout based on amnesia. But this is for the first time that a play on this theme is going to be staged on mobile theatre,” Rajdweep said.

Akashdeep will share stage space with popular Assamese actress Angoorlata.

Angoorlata is not new on Hengul’s stage. She was there last year too. She could pull the crowd and so the theatre group was not ready to lose her. “She is a terrific actress. People just love her,” says Pankaj Hazarika, Hengul’s production designer.

Besides Akou Edin, two other plays — Chittaranjan Parasor’s Henduror Rong Kio Ronga and Abhijeet Bhattacharjya’s Manas Kanya — of Hengul will travel the state.

The first two plays are about love and family relationships.

Rehearsals will begin on June 29 at Mariani in Upper Assam’s Jorhat district. “After rehearsal is over, we will start the tour from August,” said Hazarika.

Besides Akashdeep and Angoorlata, the other cast members of Hengul include Beepul Bora, Jiban Hatikakoti, Alokjyoti Saikia, Mitu Kashyap, Nirmali Nilam, Dibyajyoti Das, Barnali Barua, Dhrubajyoti Das, Dhrubajyoti Dhekial Phukan, Suman Choudhury, Ranjit Barman and child artiste Pari.

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