KBC 2014 Promo Film Kohima and a Powerful Point About Racism In India

India’s North Eastern states have tolerated alienation for long enough. In anticipation of its 8th season, quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati just released this promo titled “Kohima”. This ad, a part of KBC’s broader push for inclusivity in its upcoming season, incisively comments on the racism and alienation dealt to residents of India’s North Eastern states (including Nagaland of which Kohima is the capital). In particular, North East Indians are often labelled Chinese or Nepali and not considered “real Indians.”

In the ad, Amitabh Bachchan asks his contestant which country the city Kohima is in. The options include China, Nepal, and India.

The contestant, Poornima, decides to use the help of an audience poll to choose her answer.
Audiences around the country watch, enraptured, for the results.
And some appear to be more worried than others.
After a wait, Bachchan informs Poornima that 100% of the audience is in agreement – Kohima is part of India. He adds in Hindi, “Everyone knows this fact.”
To which Poornima responds: “Everyone knows it, but how many actually accept it?”
Watch the VIDEO

Thanks : BuzzFeed


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