Moromor Anuradha – Assamese Romantic Drama TV Show by Rengoni TV


Maromor Anuradha is an Assamese romantic drama TV Show. It airs at 8.30 pm from Monday to Friday at Rengoni. Sunita koushik and Gunjan Bharadwaj are playing the lead roles in the show. Playback singer Zubeen Garg has sung for the title song of this show.

Moromor Anuradha will keep its audiences glued with high amount of drama. The viewers will see a love triangle prevailing in the Dr. Mriganka Chaliha’s mansion, the young lovers Anuradha and Sudipta are having some special love moments with each other. But on the other hand this love story becomes a love triangle as Manab starts having feelings for Anuradha and is under the misunderstanding that Anuradha is in love with him too. Trouble in the tale happens when even…

ANURADHA is a very sweet and simple fun loving girl. Born and brought up in Landon. Her life style is very simple and well cultured but obstinate in nature. She is one and only daughter of Dr. Mriganka Chaliya. Even she doesn’t care to take any deception.

SUDIPTO, Son of Ujjal Barua, belongs to a Real estate business family. He is a very sweet and innocent boy. He doesn’t want to marry even still he doesn’t have any girl friend

MANAB, a boy with no family background. Parents were died back. Manab is best friend of Sudipta and childhood friend. Both are work together. Everything they share to each other. Sudipta’s father Mr. Ujjal barha called Manab his third son…Manab is tuff, good looking, smart guy who talk less. Only concentrates on his work.

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