Saknoia – Award Winning Assamese Short Film by Khanjan Kishor Nath

Saknoia is an Award winning Assamese short film Directed by Khanjan Kishor Nath.

Haridhan earns his livelihood by catching fidh in the river with the help of his small boat. His son Akan also helps him in fishing. A rich village leader wants to grab the Haridhan’s boat. But Haridhan denies doing so. Village leader sends few men to steal the boat at night from the river bank but they kill Haridhan when he comes to save his boat.

Cast & Crew:
Director : Khanjan Kishore Nath Music / Sound : Anurag Saika, Editor : Pragjyotish Bhuyan Cinematographer : Somesh Roy Actors: Amiya Hazarika, Sachin Nath, Bharat Bhushan Hazarika, Trishna Devi.


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