Adil Hussain to Direct an Assamese Film


Versatile actor Adil Hussain who is known for his powerhouse performances in high-on-content films recently announce that he is going to direct an Assamese Film, but he doesn’t like to be called a director.

“I’m thinking of making an Assamese film yes, I found a script writer. Direction is not the right word…I am collaborating with the cinematographers and other members of the team. The word ‘director’ carries so much arrogance, so I don’t feel like using it …its similar to dictator,” Adil told IANS.

The film is inspired by a story that the actor read 20 years ago.”It stayed with me. I thought let’s go ahead with…it (the film) needs lots of preparations and money. We luckily have the money in place, the script needs a lot of time” he said, adding that the movie will narrate a “sensitive story about an elephant and a man”

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