Diganta Hazarika – The Journey Within [15 Pictures]

Assamese Actor Diganta Hazarika, who has returned from the set of Ashutosh Guwarikor’s Everest some days ago expressed about the indelible moments of shoot days. ” I’ve never worked for so long in my several years of acting career. Weather conditions (i.e. Trek of 4 days to 14000 feet glacier mountain, -6/7 degree of temperature, thin air, snow falls, cold water), mountaineering cloths-gears, set properties were rude to me and everyone. But the Love and care of the Team Everest has converted those to a sweet memory that i’ll love to remember every single day of my life.” said Diganta.

He also added, “We the Team Everest has worked so hard. we laughed, cried, fought, ate, drunk, sung, danced and did everything. Actually we lived Everest. I’m gonna miss all those and every single moments.”

Diganta Hazarika’s debut performance will be on air form December 3

Here are some recent images of Diganata Hazarika



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