Stranger in my Land, written and directed by Duyu Tabyu, is a documentary starring Boby Techi that explores the way racial stereotypes influence faced by citizens belonging to the Northeastern states of India.

Director Duyu Tabyu’s word

‘Stranger In My Land’ is not an art form or a film made to please the eyes of the viewers. It is a statement, a resent and a sentiment of being a stranger in your own land. It is a cry to be treated as equal, or at least appreciated as a fellow human. My brothers and sisters from the NE region who have ventured outside to the mainland for jobs, education or just a holiday would feel the pain, that I am sure of. My cousin(who funded and co-wrote the screenplay) and I had a different commercial story that we had planned to make. We were just excited that finally we are making a film that we could call our own. And it all changed as we sat and shared our experiences staying in the capital of our great nation, India. ‘Racial discrimination is the most evil practice that has plagued the whole world since time immemorial. It is morally condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous.’ Reads the first few lines of the film. ‘They say mankind is created in the image of god, but we have created our own selfish images.’ It reads. You see, the film is not just focused and subjected to the people of a particular region but the whole mankind as a whole. Racism exists in every nook and corner of the world. It is a bitter truth.

This film is an effort by me, my cousin, the actors, the technicians and every single one involved in the making to bring in a change. We knew the task is a mammoth one but we had the courage to dream. We knew we would not get any monetary returns but the dream of a better society, a tolerant society drove us ahead. But the huge task of taking across the message to everyone still is a distant dream. And I will admit it here, I nor any of my team can do it alone. We need your help. We need you to carry forward the message and the statement that we are all one. We are god’s creation in different colors and features like the rainbow. We need your help to build a better future for our children, to help them grow up in a more tolerant and humane society. So I ask and plead all of you to spread the message of humanity and oneness. I request each one of you reading this; please make the poster of the film as your profile picture or your cover page even it is just for a minute, an hour or a day so that the people go through and spread it furthermore. Your little effort put together can bring in a change, a better society. A better future.


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