Hiya Dia Niya – Assamese Film (2000)
Director – Munin Baruah
Starring – Pranjal Saikia, Mridula Baruah, Jatin Borah, Ravi Sharma, Geetabali Rajkumari, Luna Lahkar

This movie portrays the mentality of the elite class residing in the cities. A rich family is in a search of a son-in-law for their daughter. The father wants his daughter to get married to his friend’s son who lives in a village. The father was once helped in his financial terms by this friend to get settled in the city in all possible way. The father as a token of gratitude promised his friend that their friendship will be turned into a relationship. In the meantime, the friend in the village dies, and the father in the city takes the responsibility for the education of his friend’s son in abroad without his wife’s knowledge. After years, when the father proposes for the marriage of his daughter with his friend’s son of a village, the mother, without listening to a single word refuses for it citing the reason that her daughter won’t be able to adjust in the village. Both mother and daughter start searching for N.R.I boy. On the other hand, the friend’s son after completing his studies returns from abroad. The father plans a plot and brings the boy to his family in the disguise of a helper boy. Now the story is all about how the boy succeeds in winning the mothers and daughters heart as a simple village boy.



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