4 Most Auspicious Films of 2015


We recently released an article about the 5 Most Awaited Films of 2015, so now we’re here with another 4 films which could probably make an impact on film lovers. These films have a POD (point of difference) but as well as a critical factor. The point of difference factor has already set these movies unlike the other films on the queue but the Crucial Factor will decide the fact of success.. they can make it or break it

Khawoi – The Danger Zone

khawoi the danger zone

Directed by Umesh Ghosh Khawoi – the danger zone is an upcoming action thriller film starring Indumouli Neog and Anamika Barman in lead.
Point of difference – Yes! it was the right decision to cast Anamika Barman in lead and she is looking stunning in the promo videos of khawoi. The film is an action thriller and its unlike the most of the Assamese films we generally came across in last 2/3 years.
Crucial Factor – The best way to hook someone who’s seeking a thrill is to start with an action scene. Also all popular thrillers have a villain who is evil and powerful enough to exact trouble on a grand scale. At this point of time we’re not aware about the quality of action scene, technology used the villain character etc. So, now the question is, with a limited budget and technology will they able to engage viewers up-to 2 hours? Watch the film Khawoi Trailer.

Love in Bangkok

love in bangkok-assamese movie

Produced by famous journalist Anupam Hazarika and directed by Ashim Baishya, love in Bangkok is a romantic drama which have Bikul Dutta, Nandita Bora and Sangeeta Gogoi in lead. According to the makers more than 40% of the shoot been done in Bangkok.
Point of difference – Great Names behind the camera and also the foreign location. The promo video “I am in Love” looks quite good though some people say that its a copy of Bengali film Jaaneman (2012) with the same title. But we are not sure whether its some kind of collaboration or something else.
Crucial Factor – The lead pair and the content of the film. We can’t rely only on foreign locations.
Watch the I am in love video


avataran-sci-fi-assamese movie

Avataran is an Assamese sci-fi film, written and directed by Tarunabh Dutta, The story of Avataran takes us to 100 years into the future when earth is destroyed, mankind endangered. An ancient power bought by a highly intelligent Alien race might hold the key to saving mankind.
Point of difference – Boasting state-of-the-art VFX technology, CG characters and 3D animations, this film promises to be the first of its kind with a new perspective.
Crucial Factor – The CGI, VFX and the film content could be the turn-down factor. Again the creativity of the team and the director is limited by budget and technology, but the expectation of viewers is high enough.

Dhou – The Wave


On looking at the trailer and one thing is for sure that we have a new action-romance south Indian stylish film. Directed by Lakhinandan Pegu and Prabin Basumatary this movie has all the masala elements that we generally find in any Indian commercial cinema.

Point of difference – This bilingual film (Assamese and Missing) is full with south Indian style romance, action etc.  South Indian Action Director Sailendra has designed the action scenes which looks little impressive.
Crucial Factor – Again the lead pair, action technology and the film story could be the critical point for this film.

So, now tell us your point of view bellow in the comment box.

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