Arup Manna Directed Aarohi to Release on January 16


Directed by Arup Manna Assamese film Aarohi is going to release on 16th January. Starring the talented duo of Raag Oinitom and Chandana Sarma in the lead and aptly supported by child actor Shabnam Borgoyari this film deals with a complex parents-children relationship.

Parents, very often sacrifices their dreams when they are young and later on try to fulfil the same through their child. In due process, the child has to go through a lot of emotional pressure, giving his/her more than 100 percent to fulfil the said dreams. The movie Aarohi is based on this theme and the director Arup Manna has aptly scripted the theme in to a full length feature film. It is known very well that Arup Manna believes in making an entertaining movie and is not bothered to tag it as commercial or art. ‘A movie must be such that it can be enjoyed by a family and in return they get some message; not heavy or not too shallow’ is what he has always advocated.

The star of the film surely is young and talented Shabnam, who says she has tried to act the way the director has asked her to.

The young actress has acted the way the director has asked her to do. She has enjoyed working in the movie, but she wants to study more and thus have tried to keep a balance between her studies and acting. Shabnam has found a little difficult to perform the long dialogues, but she enjoyed the shorter ones.

With music by Manash Hazarika, Aarohi made under the banner of Orchid Enterprises. This would be a breather in the list of some badly made Assamese movies.

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With inputs from Hazel Bordoloi

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