Meet Plabita Borthakur | Anushka Sharma’s Sister in “PK”

    Yes!! If you are still not aware.. her name is Plabita Borthakur and she played the role of Anushka Sharma’s sister in the film “PK”. Plabita is as unique as her name and she belongs to Jamugurihat, a small town situated in Sonitpur District Of Assam.

    She is also part of a band known as Manu & Chow (MnC). This is what they said about their band “Manu & Chow (MnC) was formed amid love, passion, laughter and countless jam sessions with friends. Sessions chaired by a certain Old, but celebrated Monk himself. The band is a coming together of musicians from entirely different backgrounds, experiences and musical tastes. Really, we never thought we’d make it this far, but we did see reasons enough to bust a gut. And when the band got together, it all seemed to make sense.”

    Moreover, she has another movie Lipstick Waale Sapne coming up in 2015 with a more significant role. Include it in your check list for the this year, if interested. Konkana is in the lead so we don’t think it’s going to be a disappointing one.

    Plabita with her band members – Manu & Chow (MnC)
    Hussain Ahmed
    Hussain Ahmed
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