4 Reasons Why Film Premier on TV is Not a Good Idea


Recently national award winning filmmaker M Maniram who is best known for his award-winning film ‘Mon Jaai’  has come up with a new concept to premier his latest movie on television before it hits theatres. His new movie ‘Xondhikhyan, “The Transition”, will premier on television channels in April.

We respect to this new idea of Mr. Maniram but there’s a huge risk on this concept, also we’ve found 4 reasons why this is not a good idea to Premier a film on TV before it hits the theatres.

1. Everyone is Encouraging Audiences to Visit Theatres.

To premier new movies on television before it hits theatres is not a good idea specially in the time while everyone in the industry is trying to encourage audiences to visit theatres.

2. Will They Visit Theater to Watch the Same? The Big Question

“I’m taking a risk to premier my film on television before it is releases in theatres. No one has ever done that here in Assam. I hope that if people like it, they will go to the theatres to watch it,” said director. Now here’s the big question. Will the audiences visit theater to watch the same film again. But they can make others to watch the film by participating in a good word of mouth promotion on social media.

3. No Promotion = No Popularity = No Interest

Promotion of films shouldn’t limit with some newspaper articles and big hoardings. The film trailer and promo videos should attract people so that they show interest to spend 2/3 hours for the film. If there’s no interest no one can forced to watch even if its in TV. (or, home)

4. The Film Experience

The experience of watching a film on big screen is an another story. But people hardly get motivated to watch a film on a television set among the long advertisement clips. The annoying ads will defiantly kill the film watching experience.

Our Take.. Why not a Prologue of a movie

Ok.. if a trailer doesn’t work to engage the viewers or there’s a special message for the audiences in a movie, the makers should release a prologue to that movie on television. It should be a good idea.

..and at last don’t forget to express your views in the comment box bellow. meanwhile you can check

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