Nipon Dhalua’s Morisika to Hit The Theater Soon


Nipon Dholua, the Director of critically acclaimed film “Me and My Sister” is ready with his next directorial venture Morisika, starring Kopil Bora and Munmi Kalita in lead.

More than a century ago the holocaust blackened the entire world. Millions of people were killed like animals by the tyrant of the world. In the year, this dark chapter of humanity strikes the world again. But now it is sponsored by the state. The court of the state takes the decision to eliminate the people who are not required for the state. It’s the sate of survival of the fittest. In the background of this transformation, a love story is developed between Raj and Nila. Raj is an industrialist. And Nila is the daughter of a farmer

Apart from Kopil and Munmi there are Nipon Goswami, Minu Baniya, Indra Baniya, Taufique Rahman, Madhurima Goswami, Arun Hazarika and Trishna.
Child Artists : Disan Dholua, Pooja Bejbaruah and Katrin Dhalua

Music Directors : Kalyan Baruah and Bappi
Cinematography : Prithviraj Dutta

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