Out of the Blue (অকস্মাৎ) is the latest short film released by TD Studio, an independent film production house.

It was supposed to be Adi’s Big Day. He has got a new job and is about to propose to his love Nimi. But things take a turn for the worse when his ex-crush Puja shows up at their picnic outing unannounced. This leads to a standoff between Nimi and Puja. Jealousy and Misunderstanding spiral the picnic towards disaster. Adi has now very little time to convince Nimi about his true love, before she breaks up with him, and before he meets with an accident.
Somehow, under strange circumstances, Adi gets three chances at going back in time, to the point of his breakup, and although he does not understand the reason why he uses this opportunity to try and save his relationship and also to determine whether these series of unfortunate events are for real or not.

Cast & Crew
Director: Tarunabh Dutta
Music / Sound: Tarunabh Dutta, Queen Hazarika, Himjyoti Borah, and under Creative Commons License – Alex Masons, JMB, ShakuEcho, DJ Fab
Editor: Tarunabh Dutta Cinematographer: Tarunabh Dutta
Adi – Jyoti Thakuria
Nimi – Himakshi Kalita
Puja – Rashmita Dutta Baruah
Ankur – Debajit Deka
Sonia – Puja Barman

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