7 Annoying Facts About Stage Bihu Program

Its already the first month of Assamese year and Assamese folks just started celebrating Bihu with flying colors. If you are in Assam you might be experiencing the incredible performances happening on outdoor stages. Here we are discussing some most annoying things about this stage Bihu program.

1. The event starts at 6PM and the showtime of the main artist from 11PM

source: Assamese problems

Time management!! It’s not their fault. the problem lies in our perception.

2. Talking too much time between songs and other arrangements


Well indeed.. this is the annoying thing.

3. Outfit choices of artists and the controversies.


One of the most talked about controversies. The social media was flooded with individual opinions. You may not forget about the “Zubeen and Dhuti” thing.

4. Destroying assets

source: facebook

This is the common scenario of every show across Assam.

5. Get on stage.


“Our Zubeen da is singing. I must jump on stage and dance”

6. Ridiculous behavior of the audience.


This ridiculous thing actually happened popular singer Dikshu.

7. Tell the artist what to sing.


The artist has always a plan what to sing what not.. and an individual request may ruin every planning unless the artist asks for it.

Well, these are few things we found annoying, but not the complete list. Do comment us about your observation.


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