Assamese Film Marksheet Coming This Winter


Directed by Ratan Sil Sarma, Marksheet is an upcoming Assamese Film being filmed under the banner of Enajori Talkies in association with HDR Creations.

The story revolves around a sweet charming boy Babu, who is always happy in his own world of fantasies. Not too fond of studies, Babu, is always been yelled upon by his parents especially his dad due to his poor academic performances. One fine day, Babu elopes away from his house, after failing in his half yearly exam and scared of the consequences of showing his Marksheet to his dad. He then happens to meet another kid, a slum kid, near the railway station. The film then captures the innocence, friendship and ignorance of these two boys who dwells and explores around the city street for a night, mesmerized by each other’s company and changing their lives.

The key roles have been played by Pranami Bora, Jintu Kalita, Aditya Malla Buzarbarua and Abhijit Choudhury.

Other Details:
Directed By – Ratan Sil Sarma
Written and Screenplay By – Himjyoti Talukdar
Produced By – Himjyoti Talukdar, Dikhit Das, Ratan Sil Sarma
Cinamatography – Dikhit Das
Official Site –
Official Facebook Page –

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