30 Photos That Prove That Tanvi Sharma is a Real Selfie Queen

Tanvi Sharma an assamese actor and a classical dancer. She is a young and talented exponent of indian classical dance forms. Tanvi is well known for her classy & most unique fashion styles. Her way of carrying herself is an amazing art and this is the reason why most of the fashion lovers follow her. Her style is chic, classic, feminine and flirty. Here we have gathered 30 selifies from her Instagram profile that prove that she is a real selfie queen.

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  1. So stupid! All basic click baiting technique. Instead of that you could post some pictures of the flood affected areas of Assam. What value does this post add?

  2. We have been lucky to witness Satriya Dance performance by beautiful and charming Tanvi Sharma at Noida. She is elegant and one of the best in that art form – we can vouch for it. She made Assam proud in front of all outside dignitaries. God bless her and wish her more success in life. Will be awaiting her next show -may be a Bihu Dance in near future.

    I am also against dragging every delightful moment of life to equate with problems /sorrows of Assam. Its true that these problems must be solved and efforts to be put in by every section of society . It needs macro effort of both the Govt. & social organization .This does not mean that one will not enjoy the delightful moments, stop eating, stop exploring the world!
    Hope I made my point clear without an intention to contradict anyone.


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