Assam is a land of folklore and tradition. Assamese Folk culture is one of the most colorful Folk Formats in the whole world. One of the major Folk forms originating in this South Asian landscape is the colorful Bihu Dance and Songs. Bihu denotes a set of three

different cultural festivals of Assam and celebrated by the Assamese diaspora around the world. Bihu is also used to imply Bihu dance and Bihu folk songs. The Rongali Bihu or the Bohag Bihu is an important festival of Assam. The most important festivals of Assam are the Bihus, celebrated with fun in abundance by all Assamese people irrespective of caste, creed, and belief. In a year there are three Bihu festivals in Assam – in the months of Bohaag (Baisakh, the middle of April), Maagh (the middle of January), and Kaati (Kartik, the middle of October). The Bihus have been celebrated in Assam since ancient times through various Assamese Folk tradition, primarily Bihu Dance and Songs. Each Bihu coincides with a distinctive phase in the farming calendar. The most important and colorful of the three Bihu festival is the Spring festival “Bohag Bihu” or Rongali Bihu celebrated in the middle of April. This is also the beginning of the agricultural season. Bihu is celebrated by the all parts of Assam and all cast and religion. Directly we can say that Bihu is secular festival which brings the humanity, peace and brotherhood among the various cast and religion.

This compilation album “Dishang Dwitiya” is a compilation of some very beautiful Bihugeets sung melodiously by Achurjya Barpatra. These are some very groovy and melodious Bihu Songs that will win everyone’s hearts. The singer Achurjya Barpatra has done justice to the tracks by rendering his melodious voice to these wonderful tracks. The Songs Hatot Eti and Dhuleti Bojai deserves special mention. Overall this album is a Folk listeners’ delight.

=== Songs in this Album ===
► Eman Morom
Artist – Achurjya Barpatra, Tarali Sharma
Lyricist- Montu Gohain-Pankaj Bora-B.N.Chetia
Composer- Montu Gohain-Pankaj Bora-B.N.Chetia

► Duporiya
Artist – Achurjya Barpatra
Lyricist- Sunit Gogoi
Composer- Dhrubajyoti Gogoi

► Hatot Eti
Artist – Achurjya Barpatra
Lyricist- Mithu Raj
Composer- Mithu Raj

► Tora
Artist – Achurjya Barpatra
Lyricist- Neel Akash
Composer- Neel Akash

► Ghuroniya Table
Artist – Achurjya Barpatra
Lyricist- Raju Phukan
Composer- B.N.Chetia

► Dhuleti Bojai
Artist – Achurjya Barpatra
Lyricist- Pranab Lukhurakhon
Composer- Pranab Lukhurakhon


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