A number of single Assamese videos have been released on the internet as well as private entertainment channels but due to the lack of viewership, only a few will be able to win the hearts of viewers. However, it is a good sign that a lot of newcomers have shown interest for the same and these singles hold a lot of potentials. This is why the trend of making singles is becoming popular.

A new Assamese audio-video, depicting the joyful moments of childhood titled ‘Jhok Jhok Rail Sole’ was released on Youtube and other social media platforms. Receiving positive comments from the music lovers, the song has been penned by cine journalist Kalyan Kumar Kalita, tune by Ganadip Kakati and composed by Assamese music director Palash Gogoi. The song has been rendered by Ganadip Kakati and Hiya Medhi. The key role in the video has been essayed by Anurag Bitupon, Pallabi Medhi with child artistes Tridisha, Rashmi, and Nayana. The choreography has been done by Santumoni Boruah and edited by Moni Rajkonwar. The cinematography is done by Bhaskar Sarma, make-up by Anup Chutia.


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