Papon Set to Make Bollywood Debut as an Actor with Nagesh Kukunoor

Popular singer Angarag Mahana aka Papon set to debut on Bollywood as an actor. Earlier this year his debut Assamese film as an actor “Rodor Sithi “was released. Although the acting isn’t an entirely new experience for the 33-year-old singer who made his debut in an Assamese film, Rodor Sithi, last year, he does admit that he is “super excited” for his Bollywood debut that will feature five real-life musicians, and will be directed by Nagesh Kukunoor. “I couldn’t say to Nagesh, as he makes meaningful films. I am super excited to work with him,” he says.

This film is all about five losers who come together to form a band with the aim to prove that music never dies. It’s a fictional story, but its very real in terms of its characters.

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