10 Cartoons With a Special Message to Take a Look Today [From a Guwahatian]

Rayhan Galib, a Student as well as an amateur cartoonist from Guwahati draw these amazing cartoons. The sketch boy, Ryhan generally works on creating political as well as satirical cartoons. To take a look at his works you can visit his Instagram or Facebook Profile

1. #FACT- Did you know that unhealthy water kills 200 children worldwide every Hour !!

2. #FACT -Did you know that it takes 75 litres/20 gallons of water to make just one pint of beer?!!

3. Man’s Best Friend..

4. Yeah! Rightly Said!!


6. Pluto is upset!! Here’s Why!!

7. Space Conversation!!

8. Birthday Wishes!!

9. MANUmohan School of Silence!!!

10. Yes! I can relate to this :/

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