7 Reasons that You Should Attend Michael Learns to Rock Concert

Formed in 1988, The Danish pop/soft rock band Michael Learns to Rock aka MLTR that performs songs in English has come to India on the occasion of their 25th anniversary. The band which sold over 11 million records worldwide will perform in 2 states of north-east India. These includes Guwahati and Nagaland on 13 and 15 December.

Here are the 7 Reasons to attend this concert.

1. This is their 25th-anniversary concert tour. They will perform in 5 places in India. Apart from Guwahati and Nagaland the other places are Gurgaon, Kolkata and Goa.

mltr in guwahati

2. You’ll be able to see Michael Learns To Rock LIVE and listen to their nice song, having a wonderful sweet night.

mltr in guwahati

3. You’ll catch their best moments in person. It will be like dream come true. Take a picture in the concert with your friends and it will become a memory forever.


4. You may be among the first lucky people to hear some new and upcoming material and the chances are bright


5. Jascha Richter’s smooth, soulful vocals will directly touch your soul.


6. Michael Learns To Rock is known as a music band who sing the “Music From The Heart”

mltr in guwahati

7. Wanscher promised that this time will contain “more visual elements”.

mltr-nagalandIf Some fans are not able to attend in Guwahati, they can visit Nagaland after 1 day. So don’t forget to get your tickets for Michael Learns To Rock concert. Remember it’s now or never. You can book the tickets from BookmyShow.

Photo Credit: MLTR Official Facebook Page


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