30 Beautiful Moments from Jeevan Kite and River Festival 2016

Jeevan , a voluntary association based in northeast India which is exploring life and all its colors, organizes this one-of-its-kind event, which was previously known as Jeevan Kite Festival and now its Jeevan Kite and River Festival.

Objective of the Mega Event

  1. Creating awareness on river Brahmaputra’s glory, cultural heritage, biodiversity, river-based life-livelihood, potential, cleanness and the aesthetic use of its riverfront.
  2. Engaging the urban youth with elements of the Nature.
  3. Spreading the message of ‘Same River, One Sky’.

Here are 30 beautiful images from the festival.

Note: Jeevan Kite & River Festival has been extended till 10th of January in view of the tremendous public response and interest it has generated. The event is going on at the Ghat near Sukreswar Temple since 1st of January.

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