Top 10 Assamese Videos of 2015 that We Loved Most

Over the last year, we’ve seen hundreds of Assamese music videos that released on the internet. Some got very popular, some got maximum views on YouTube. But, today we are talking about ten videos that inspired us most during last year for their creativity, melody or overall the whole process. Here are Magical Assam’s 10 most beautiful videos of 2015.

Note: This list is not included any music videos from the feature films.

1. Xukh Bisari | Samujjal Kashyap | Chandan and Dimpy

Happiness is not an end point to which you’re destined or will potentially reach. It’s a fleeting moment in life, just as is anything else. Directed and Edited by Samujjal Kashyap “Xukh Bisari” is based on the concept how many of us find ourselves in the pursuit of happiness along our life journeys. The idea itself is somewhat promising, as it fills you with this sense of hope that around the corner, something wonderful awaits. But realistically, this is nothing more than false hope. Singer Chandan Das and Dimpy Sonowal delighted with their performance while the creative editing takes this song to another level.

2. Tumi Mur Hur | Bandita Bora | RR Media & Entertainment & Escrewdriverzzz’s

Tumi Mur Hur is an another masterpiece by Bandita Bora, who Performed & Directed Tumi Mur Hur. This song is a collaboration between RR Media & Entertainment & Escrewdriverzzz’s and produced by Manju Bora. While the young and aspiring musician Hari Krishnan composed the music, Kangkan Kakali Pegu wrote the awesome lyrics for this. And at last, don’t miss the Tamil rap part by Rajesh Rajan.

3. Tumi Bujanu Kiman | Prarthana Choudhury | Anuraag Saikia

Tumi Bujanu Kiman is a creation by the mastermind Anuraag Saikia and the voice of Prarthana Choudhury will simply mesmerize you. It’s a song that underlines that the feeling called ‘love’ is all pervasive, elusive and inexplicable. Born and brought up in Guwahati-Assam, the heart of the pristine north-eastern province of India, Prarthana has been performing as a singer since her childhood days. She is now a singer-composer-lyricist, all rolled into one! In her words, she draws her creative inspiration from “self-experienced, observed and imagined EMOTIONS”!

4. Jogot Biyopi | Shatarupa & Aparaupa Mahanta | Poran Borkotoky | Ibson Lal Baruah

Who proclaims self to be best of the species? Who entitles Green Earth as “Kurukshetra”(The Battle Field) O’ Conscience, ensure the humans. Life is void without Green. Well, this is the English version of the lyrics of our number four “Jogot Biyopi”. Written (Lyrics) and Directed by Ibson Lal Baruah and composed by Poran Borkotoky this song is a unique one for its concept. Yes! Life resides in the leaves and the branches.

5. Xaare Aasu | ChaiTunes | Queen Hazarika | Jim Ankan Deka

Xaare Aasu has been composed by Jim Ankan Deka which was the first release of ChaiTunes. ChaiTunes is a concept where music is brewed and stories are told over cups of tea. It is an experiment where musicians from different parts of India come together to create a musical experience. ChaiTunes music videos are produced by Eastern Fare Productions and powered by Music Malt. This beautiful song was performed by the gorgeous Queen Hazarika. Produced by Eastern Fare, Bangalore this video has been directed by Parmita Borah.

6. Dawar | Akaxor Nilakhini | Angarag Papon Mahanta | Deepak Dey

Directed by one of the finest music video directors of Assam, Deepak Dey the song Dawar is from the Album “Akaxor Nilakhini”. If you play this video without music it will give the feel like you are playing a Hindi music video. Well, but how can you just skip the awesome voice of Papon. Papon just added the extra melody in this video. Krishna Saha is the cinematographer of Dawar while its has been edited by Moni Rajkonwar.

7. Boliya Krishna | Hengool Theatre | Shyamontika and Prasenjit

Hengool theatre is well known for their most viral plays and the unique promotion policy. This year they released a promotional video for their one the most popular play “Boliya Krishna” which features the sizzling Shyamontika and crazy Prasenjit. Zubeen Garg will make you crazy with boliya krishna. The play is based on a love story by Rajdweep.

8. Vande Mataram | Babu | Deepak Dey | Angelina Creation

The most viral songs of Assam often comes from the one only most loved singer Babu. You might not forget the laden aasil polai and the other song like senimai etc. Last year Babu’s Vande Mataram song quietly surprised us, the singer who is popular for his crazy love songs came with this patriotic number. Again the direction of Vande Mataram is amazingly done by Deepak Dey. This video has been produced by Syed Hafijul Islam under Angelina Creation. The music has been composed by Shekhar. Well, Vande Mataram will be the first on our playlist on the special days!

9. Xomoi | Tehshin Akhtar | Bibhuti Gogoi

Featuring the actress turned singer Tehshin Akhtar, Xomoi is an another most beautiful video of last year. Produced under Azima Production, Xomoi’s music has been composed by Bibhuti Gogoi with the lyrics of Rajdwep. Its been directed by Deepak Dey.

10. Oi Dile Jaan | Dikshu and Koutipoti | Babu

The number ten is a tie between “Oi dile Jaan” by Dikshu and Koutipoti by Babu.

Dikshu is not only a good singer, but a stunning performer. His performance in the song “Oi Dile Jaan” is outstanding. Also you can’t simply ignore Amrita Gogoi in the role of a perfect village girl. Trend Setter!

Again coming to Koutipoti, its naughty, beautiful and colorful. Things that will catch your mind from Koutipoti is the lyrics of the song, beautiful set design, performance of various actors.

So, Here are the top 10 Assamese Videos of 2015 that we liked very much. Did we missed something? If so, tell us via the comment box bellow.

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