Bhargav Saikia’s Short film ‘Awakenings’ Bags International Awards

Produced, directed and scripted by a 27-year-old Assamese, Bhargav Saikia, Awakenings is a short horror film of 13 minutes duration which won 15 awards in international film festivals across the globe in 2015.

The awards include the best foreign language horror film, the best thriller, the best film, the best cinematography, the best actress, the best director etc., in international film festivals of California, Los Angeles, Dubai etc.

The short film Awakenings It also got 18 nominations and has been invited to many countries like Canada, the USA, Ireland, Germany, and Mexico. The film got wide acceptance by viewers of Switzerland, Belgium, Austrialia, Turkey among others.

Awakenings also got a raving review from Ivan Villamel Sanchez, the famous horror film producer of Spain, according to that review Bhargav has made a great work. A judge also praised Awakenings saying that “it is a stylist little horror opus.

Awakenings is the second film of Bhargav Saikia. The first was Kafiron ki Namaaz which also got national and international awards in 2013. Both the films have been produced by his own production unit – Lorien Motion Pictures, Mumbai.

Bhargav Saikia, who has made Assam and India, proud by his rare and enviable cinematic success, is the only son of reputed physician of Biswanath Chariali in Sonitpur district, Dr Amal Saikia and Arundhuti Saikia.

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