This New Ad Featuring Urmila Mahanta is Hilarious | Watch It Now

If you are watching YouTube you might have seen the anti jugaad ad which features Assam actress Urmila Mahanta. In this extremely amusing advertisement Urmila Mahanta appeared as a bride. She looks stunning too.

The advertisement shows how jugadu is Urmila’s husband who finds a solution to every problem. But his solutions failed miserably every-time. At last Urmila shows him an app and tells that how every problem can be solved with this. Watch this video here


This year Urmila will be seen in several films which includes two Bollywood films. The first one will be Pareshanpur from Priyaarshan and the next one is Akira. In Akira the title role will be played by Sonakshi Sinha.

Another bilingual film Epah Phulil Epah Xoril (Purab Ki Awaz) will be release this year. Epah Phulil Epah Xoril is directed by Chandra Mudoi. This film has recently screened at a film festival in Delhi. Speaking on the objective of making Purab Ki Awaz, director Mudoi said it is being made with a view to drawing the attention of the national viewers to the bravery and sacrifice of a 14-year-old young girl Kanaklata, during the freedom movement. She was shot dead by the British while she was hoisting the national flag.

Watch this space for more amazing updates about actress Urmila Mahanta

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