5 Interesting Facts About Tikhor | The Mascot of 12th South Asian Games

You must have seen the baby rhino roaming in the South Asian Games venues. Well, as you know he is Tikhor, the official Mascot of 12th South Asian Games. Here are the 5 interesting facts about the sporty Tikhor. Tikhor has been created by Kolhapuri artist Anant Khasbardar.

1. Tikhor’s Introduction

Tikhor is the Brand Ambassador of the 12th South Asian Games, 2016. He is someone who is sharp, naughty, sporty and modern. He is all-rounder, active, energetic and popular among kids. With traditional and sporty costumes, he is playing all games and welcoming every new idea in sports. He is motivator, friend and familiar to sports lovers of the region.

2. His Message

Here he is a bugler with new harmony and new perspective. He is carrying the message/aspiration of peace, stability, amity and progress in the South Asian region.

3. Tokhor’s Look

Tikhor, a rhino calf as a sharp, naughty, sporty, and modern boy. Tikhor would be playing all games and welcoming every new idea in sports. He is the junior edition of the highly endangered one-horned rhinoceros is also the state animal of Assam.

4. This is How He Got The Name

Tikhor incidentally is a popular character in Assamese folk literature, who figures in a story called “Tikhor aru Chutibai” immortalized by Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbaroa, the doyen of modern Assamese literature in“Burhi Aair Sadhu” – the first collection of Assamese folk stories published more than 100 years ago.

5. Tikhor’s Character in literature.

Tikhor is naughty, energetic orphan boy, not only plays various pranks in the story, but by dint of his presence of mind also helps his sister Chutibai survive all odds including fighting a tiger that had plotted to eat them.

Watch the opening ceremony of South Asian Games 2016

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