Assamese Film Songs have exercised great influence on Assamese Music and it’s culture. The modern era of Assamese film songs or the era of latest Assamese film songs had started from the rising of gramophone record. Sir Prafulla Baruah, Umesh Choudhary, Anandiram Das, Kirti Nath Sarma Bordoloi, Bishnu Prasasd are the pioneers of Assamese film and modern songs. These Assamese Film Songs are based on various human emotions, especially of common people. It is known for its richness of musical style. Now, Assamese Film Songs has become the most cherished and modern format. The musical instruments mainly consist of percussion and wind instruments. These Assamese Film Songs have its roots in Indian music. It grew with incorporation of Assamese folk music. Assamese Film Songs have gained enormous popularity especially amongst the youth in the Eastern Indian audience.

Apurba Bezbaruah is one of the most talented and melodious music composer, singer, lyricist & music director in the Assamese Film industry. Apurba Bezbaruah sang thousands of songs for albums and TV Serials in various languages. His touching voice has been critically appreciated and is superbly popular among masses in Assam. Overall this compilation album “Kakhat Gagori Loi” contains some of the biggest Assamese Film Song Hits. This is a must have for Assamese Film Song lovers.

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=== SONG LIST ===
All songs sung by Aapurba Bezbaruah
All Lyrics & Compositions Aapurba Bezbaruah

► Kakhat Gagori Loi
► Kopou Pahi Ture Khupat
► Rupe Muhoniya
► Bihur Bihuwan
► Kinu Jogor Logalu
► Bihu Bihu Bihuti
► Nasoni Oi
► Xunjoni Mur Nasoni
► Khat Khat
► Muga Riha Pindhi
► Eaibar Bohagote
► Ujutite Bhangi Jao Jotor
► Eai Bohagore
► Dhol Pepare
► Tatore Xalote
► Juwabaar Bohagot
► Rangpuror Bakorit
► Pani Onar Solote
► Toradoi Gabhoru Hol
► Rupe Muhoniya
► Rangdhali Nasonihot
► Tumar Khujot


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