Assamese Actress FairyPriya is All Set For Bollywood Debut

The bold and beautiful actress FairyPriya Ahmed, who astonished us with the powerful performances in movies like TRP Aru, Rodor Sithi is all set for bollywood now. FairyPriya will be seen on a bollywood film titled “Romeo Highway”.

She’s Already Shining in National Television

FairyPriya is already busy with her several national television projects. She has appeared some episodes of Crime Petrol. She’s performing a character called Pooja in Zee TVs Kaala Teeka television series. She is also a part of Aadhe Adhoore, which is the second original soap of Zindagi television. Again she is in Tedi Medi Family which is an Indian sitcom television series broadcast on BIG Magic.

Coming to regional television performances, her role in Khaplang Kai is on of the most talked about roles among the others.

Her Upcoming Films

Apart from the upcoming Bollywood film she has some other regional films like Dispurat Gavoru, Tumar Prmot Pori and Surya The Power. In Surya The Power she is playing the lead role opposite to Utpal Das. Her film Tumar Premot Pori is releasing shortly.

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