The Story of a Naga Girl Who Cleaned the Ghats of Varanasi

While the rest of India continues to ignore the North East and often discriminate against them, a girl from a remote district in Nagaland has made it her mission to not only clean the Ghats of Varanasi but maintain them as well.

Meet The Girl – Her Name is Temsutula Imsong


In 2012, Temsutula Imsong from Mokokchung district, Nagaland, travelled to Varanasi but found it impossible to stroll along the Ghats because of the filth and foul smell. People used the Ghats for dumping garbage and as open toilets. The Ghats had not been cleaned for more than three decades. Temsutula decided to clean the Ghats on her own while people discouraged her initially. Slowly, however, her friends and other volunteers joined in and ‘Mission Prabhughat’ took shape. The cleanliness campaign then spread to other Ghats as well such as Chet Singh Ghat, Babu Pandey Ghat and Gauri Kund at Kedar Ghat. Till date, she and her team have removed over 300 kilos of garbage from the Ghats in Varanasi.


People ask me who inspires me. For me, the answer is not difficult, but a long one. Because there is a long list of people who keep giving me the spark and energy just when I am on the verge of giving up. They are simple, common people like me but their persistence and zeal to a particular cause makes them legends.

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Every month a shramdaan is organized where people from all over the country participate. Shramdaan is a community-based initiative where people clean up public spaces together and create awareness about a clean India. “There is no way our nation can be clean without our participation. Cleanliness is an attribute which should make us proud of ourselves and we should not feel hesitant to indulge in it,” says Temsutula. Shramdaan was held in 100 plus cities.

Dia Mirza visited them on Babua Pandey Ghat.

Temsutula uses social media actively to spread awareness about her Clean Ganga Ghats mission. She has over 12k followers on twitter. In fact,#missionprabhughat generated over 30 lakh tweets within one month of the campaign beginning in March 2015.
She has just one message – that even with limited resources anyone can do anything, only if one has the will to do it.

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The story is credited to Team TOS

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